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Contact Name Kaka Kaka
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Job Information
Contract Duration 9 Months
Governorate Erbil
Job Shift
Nationality National
Working Hours Full Time
Posted 2023-03-15
Minimum Education Others
Degree Title
Minimum Experience 1 Year
Required Travel 100%
Job Status
No Of Jobs 1
Published Date 2023-03-15
Deadline Date 2023-03-23
[Makhmur,Erbil,Mosul,Iraq ]

Clearance of landmines and explosive remnants of war FSD clears explosive remnants of war so that people can again live in safety. Landmines are not the only explosive threats to civilian populations once a war ends. Often, bombs, artillery shells, mortars, rockets and grenades, or cluster munitions that did not explode when they were employed, still pose a risk of detonation, sometimes many decades after they were used or discarded. Also, many post-modernist conflicts have seen the wide-spread use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). These are devices that can use conventional explosive charges or improvised home-made explosives; in addition to this they may utilise improvised switching mechanisms using simple or complex electronics, radios and remote triggers, long command wires, trip wires or “booby trap” pressure, or pressure release, type switches.  The multitude of improvised mechanisms that may be adopted, combined with unpredictable and inherently improvised construction methods, present an entirely new and dangerous threat to humanitarian operators.


Destruction of landmines, weapons and ammunition stockpiles FSD collects, secures and destroys stocks of landmines, weapons and munitions to reduce the risk to civilian populations. Many countries maintain obsolete stocks of munitions that might pose a risk of explosion due to poor storage standards and unpredictable characteristics of shelf-life expired explosive components. Once a conflict ends, disarmament campaigns may produce stockpiles of weapons that must be destroyed to protect against mass explosions at storage facilities, to prevent accidents in the use of expired ordnance and also so as to defend against obsolete bulk explosives and weapons falling into the wrong hands.


Mine-risk education Children are amongst the first innocent victims of unexploded ordnance, landmines and explosive remnants of war in a post-conflict environment. In the absence of clearance, one of the best ways to prevent mine and explosive accidents is to mark dangerous areas and to educate the people living near-by in order to raise awareness and change behaviours around such hazards. While Mine-risk education does not eradicate the danger, it reduces the likelihood of accidents. FSD educates children, youths and adults in contaminated regions; often, mine-risk education is combined with community liaison and engagement, data collection, victim support, survey and clearance activities.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

General Description

The Driver will be responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of FSD staff and equipment. The daily maintenance of the vehicle as well as all tools, equipment.

Reporting Structure

As the Driver for the International Technical advisor, you will report directly to the Logistics manager.  During operations the Driver will also report to the International Technical Advisor (TA)/National IEDD Operator when present on-site.

Working Hours

All operational staff will work an 8 hour working day, five days a week.  This may be varied due to operational dispositional and tempo.  Work timings will vary during the year dependent on weather conditions/security situation/access issues etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Driver is responsible for assisting the International TA in the following:

Drive project’s vehicles or vehicles rented by the project;

  • Ensure the transport of people and goods in both KR-I and GoI;
  • Properly prepare the means of transport on the day before exits to the field;
  • Inform the Logistics Officer about any mechanical problems that may arise;
  • Inform the Logistics Officer of the maintenance needs of the vehicles;
  • Daily fill in the control sheets (km, fuel, etc);
  • Supervise the repair of the vehicles;
  • Ensure the daily revision of the state of the vehicles (levels of oil, fuel, water, etc.);
  • Guarantee daily cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vehicles;
  • Check the stocks of materials of the first aid kit in the vehicles before each exit to the field;
  • Carry out a responsible management and driving of the vehicles, respecting traffic rules;
  • Keep vehicles’ documents in order.

Other tasks and responsibilities:

  • Deliver and collect correspondence and documentation;
  • Support the Logistics Officer in:

            o procurement procedures;

            o proforma requests related to purchases of materials                  and services;

  • Ensure the mechanical and technical maintenance of all means and equipment of the project and, if necessary, of its partners in the field;
  • Support the implementation of other activities of FSD Iraq whenever necessary.
  • The safe and efficient transportation of FSD staff and equipment.
  • To abide by the Traffic Rules and Regulations of Iraq.
  • To ensure that the vehicle, tools, equipment attached to the vehicle is in a working, functional order and it is maintained at all times.
  • Report any faults/problems with the vehicle immediately to the International TA
  • Ensure the safety and security of the vehicle and passengers at all times.
  • Must remain with vehicle at all times throughout operations.
  • Maintain the vehicle in a clean and tidy condition at all times.
  • Fill out and hand in the Vehicle Travel sheets iaw with FSD SOPs.
  • Act as translator for the International TA.  Must speak competent Kurdish, Arabic and English
  • Maintain security for the issued Kurdneft Fuel Card;

    Additional responsibilities include:

    • Contribute to culture of excellence, continuous improvement and performance optimization across all projects;
    • Be a role model for diversity and inclusion, as well as a positive role model for contributing to the team spirit.
How To Apply

Please send latest CV with Driving qualifications) to

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