Job Information Physiotherapist Supervisor NGO Information Job Information
Contract Duration
Governorate Nineveh
Job Shift
Nationality National
Working Hours Full Time
Posted 2022-06-23
Minimum Education Bachelor Degree
Degree Title Diploma in Physiotherapy (2 years)
Minimum Experience 2 Year
Required Travel
Job Status
No Of Jobs 1
Published Date 2022-06-23
Deadline Date 2022-07-07
[Mosul,Iraq ]

Main Purpose:

The physiotherapist supervisor supervises, monitors and evaluates all activities related to physical rehabilitation within the MSF project. He / she (hereafter referred to as “he”) reinforces the integration of the physiotherapy department into all the project activities, working in close collaboration with the MSF team.

He performs his activity in collaboration with his direct line manager and replaces the physiotherapy manager in case of need.

He provides physiotherapy care for patients, with mainly traumatology injuries, during and post hospitalization, with the aim of improving functioning in accordance with patients` condition, context, injury and surgical procedure.

He follows medical prescription and collaborates closely with the medical and nursing teams, responding directly to his direct line manager.

He implements MSF protocols, good clinical practice and ethics reflected on medical confidentiality policies.


  • Organise the department’s daily functioning, dividing the patients among the physiotherapists in collaboration with the medical secretary and organising the rotation of the therapists in the different work locations.
  • Monitor and reinforce the responsibilities of the physiotherapists, including but not limited to: initial assessment, and re-assessments, treatment plan and data collection/documentation.
  • Ensure the technical quality of the physiotherapy activities and reinforce individualized ‘hands-on’ therapy.
  • Identify the physiotherapists’ clinical and professional needs and organise and provide training as needed in collaboration with the direct line manager.
  • Reinforce the integration of the physiotherapy department within the MSF medical team.
  • Attend meetings as requested by the direct line manager.
  • Attend rounds and outpatient department consultations based on the needs and as requested by the direct line manager.
  • Coordinate all upcoming physiotherapy activities of the physiotherapy team within the project.
  • Manage the staff roster and administrative responsibilities.
  • Evaluate the workload and planning and, in collaboration with the medical secretary, adjust schedules based on the needs.
  • Determine new procedures and policies for the department, in collaboration with the direct line manager.
  • Manage the availability, correct use and maintenance of the physiotherapy equipment in the department and in the hospital.
  • Coordinate the services provided by the external consultants (i.e. P&O technicians) and refer to the direct line manager for any purchase.
  • Ensure the physiotherapists complete all required reports and data in a timely fashion.
  • Collaborate with other departments of the project as needed to ensure the best quality of care and patient centred care.
  • Replace the physiotherapists in the daily work based on the needs.


HR Management

  • Participate in the selection of new staff, in collaboration with the direct line manager.
  • Manage individual and team training and professional development, in collaboration with the direct line manager.
  • Continuously evaluate the performance of the physiotherapists and at least yearly conduct the individual review, in collaboration with the direct line manager.




Supply, Equipment and Finances

  • Coordinate the programs’ logistical needs in cooperation and collaboration with the direct line manager and the logistic team.
  • Follow the inventory and purchasing procedure for pharmacy orders.
  • Refer to the direct line manager for any extra order.
  • Ensure hygiene in the physiotherapy department according to the MSF standards, in collaboration with the Nurse Team Supervisor.


Reporting and networking

  • Ensure proper data collection reporting.
  • Report about the performance of the physiotherapists in the department.
  • Meet regularly for coordination / information sharing with the direct line manager for technical matters and with the medical team leader (or project medical referent support) as needed.
  • Build and maintain contacts with local authorities, NGO’s and other relevant organizations involved in physiotherapy in close collaboration with the direct line manager.


Physiotherapy Duties

  • Participate in treatment of patients when required.
  • Follow the assessment guidelines of the department.
  • Undertake suitable physiotherapy treatments as prescribed on the physiotherapy prescription, in order to avoid complications and to regain the patient’s functioning capacities.
  • Record notes in the patient’s files and collect quantitative and qualitative data following the procedures of the depart-ment.


MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

  • Support the physiotherapy department on clinical and organizational aspects, monitoring and ensuring the development of physiotherapy practices:
  • Consider the technical background of physiotherapists ans provide refresh trainings that are compatible and relevant;
  • Provide bedside support to ensure quality of care;
  • Ensure that the procedures are in accordance with evidence based practices (EBP) and available protocols.
  • Actively engage with organizing the patient flow (including moments of overload) and multidisciplinary approach
  • Maintain relevant partnerships. Ensure referral and contra-referral of patients to different centers and NGOs.
  • Ensure appropriate data collection, data analysis and documentation of what is happening within the department. It includes, but its not limited to, monitor loss of follow-up and missing sessions in OPD.
  • Collaborate to the monthly hospital report, ensuring that the relevant rehabilitation data are presented and adequately interpreted.
  • Monitor the organization of the department and propose innovative feedbacks on improvement. Dialogue to different departments to optimize stock, pharmacy requests, and identify in new needs.
  • Organize weekly rehabilitation team meeting to improve information sharing, adoption of common procedures, and supporting the team in challenging situations, thus facilitating a good team spirit.
  • Provide technical advises to the MDs, surgeons, HP, nurses and MH teams regarding physiotherapy care;
Qualifications & Preferred Skills


Essential: Diploma in Physiotherapy (2 years)

Preferred: Bachelor in physiotherapy.



- Experience in the field of traumatology and orthopedics

- Experience in team management and trainings 

Experience with MSF is an asset


Desirable competency in English, and fluency in Arabic is essential


  • Management, organizational, delegation, problem solving and negotiation skills
  • Communicating skills
  • Reporting, analytical and writing capabilities
  • Computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Ability to work within a team and collaborate
  • Motivated, dynamic, flexible; able and willing to take initiatives
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in traumatology, orthopedics and chest physiotherap
  • Willing to learn and develop professionally
  • Ethical, professional attitude and committed to the best interest of the patients
How To Apply

Deadline for receiving job applications is 07 Jul 2022

If you are confident about your qualifications meeting the requirements, please send your cv’s to and mention the job title  in the subject line “PHYSIOTHERAPIST SUPERVISOR” or drop your application in closed envelope and mention the job title on it “PHYSIOTHERAPIST SUPERVISOR” in the CV box at the MSF OCB Office in East Mosul. 

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