UPDATED Bids & Tenders

GIZ - Construction of Agriculture Sub-directorate - Updated

Tender Title: Re-Construction of Agriculture training and consultation c...

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Blumont - Purchasing Laptops with Accessories - NES - UPDATED

Tender Title: Amendment of the Tender of Purchasing Laptops with Accesso...

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arche noVa - Rehabilitation of Water & Sanitation - Updated

Tender Title: Rehabilitation of water and sanitation in Junbulat Mixed P...

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ASB - Construct Al-Dayoum Primary PHCC - Updated

Tender Title: Procurement of a Build Contractor to construct Al-Dayoum, ...

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NGO Information Yazda International Organization

Contact Name HR Department
Contact Email iq.hr@yazda.org
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Location:  [Duhok,Baghdad,Sinjar,Iraq ]
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Yazda is a global multinational organization that strives to bring justice, sustenance, healing and rejuvenation to Yazidis who have suffered under or are affected by, the genocidal campaign against their people by the so-called Islamic State (IS) as well as the IS campaign against other vulnerable ethno-religious minorities in Iraq and Syria

Yazda was founded in August 2014 by Yazidi students and professionals in response to the genocide that began on August 3, 2014. As of this writing, Yazda is a registered nonprofit in Iraq (Baghdad & Erbil) the United States, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Australia