Tender Title: call for proposals to local NGOs and CSOs for youth community service projects
Tender No: 002
Location: Erbil
Tender Package Available from: 2021-03-10
Deadline for Offer Submission: 2021-04-15 at 23:00 (Iraqi Time)

The call for proposals to local NGOs and CSOs for youth community service projects. Grants of this proposal will be destined to implement middle-term, highly efficient short-term projects aimed to engage youth for their empowerment and strengthening or rebuilding of their livelihoods. The following recommendations aim to help youth generate income at the local level through the support of the youth at various levels through community volunteering, civic service, internships, and trainings. The activities suggested should be flexible to reflect the changing context and make use of the windows of opportunity currently existing. The recommended eligible actions for reinforcing social cohesion, promoting revitalisation, and strengthening of youth livelihoods and participation in civil society and local governance include: 

  • Type of action 1: Support the revitalisation of existing factories and industries.

  • Type of action 2: Support the development of agricultural value chains.

  • Type of action 3: Help youth market skillset that translates into tangible income-generating opportunities.

  • Type of action 4: Support projects to create female-oriented economies and micro-businesses.

  • Type of action 5: Support non-conventional local actors and spaces connecting youth from different groups to foster non-competitive and more collaborative intergroup interactions and activities.

For all these actions, prerequisites require that Expertise France engage closely with relevant stakeholders including governmental and administrative ones of interest to facilitate procedures of implementation. These potential partners should demonstrate successful examples of livelihood activities targeting youth, successful examples for livelihood activities supporting social cohesion, and proven capacity in announcing their activities targeting youth from different groups.

Based on the findings, the following actions are not recommended:

  • Actions that only provide simple skills training with no linkage to tangible and demonstrable work opportunities

  • Actions that are solely for awareness-raising purposes

  • Actions that encourage women to be in unsafe spaces that do not accept their presence typically

Each eligible organisation will be expected to mobilise a dedicated team to undertake proposed activities, set up rigorous and sensible monitoring and evaluation plan, and organise coordination meetings and in-site visits.


A project is composed of a set of activities.


The planned initial duration of a project may not exceed 5 months.

Sectors or themes:

See background

Geographical coverage

Projects must be implemented in Mosul district, Sinjar district, Tal Afar district, in the Ninewa province of Iraq.

The following types of project are not eligible:

  • Projects solely or mainly consisting of sponsoring the participation of private individuals in workshops, seminars, conferences and congresses;

  • Projects solely or mainly consisting of financing individual study or training bursaries;


The maximum date and time for submission of applications are stated on the cover page of these Rules, where submission shall be evidenced by the date of the confirmation of receipt of registered mail or, in the case of hand delivery, by the date and time stated on the signed receipt. All applications submitted after the deadline will be rejected.

An information session on this call for projects will be held on 16 March 2021 at 11am (Iraq time). Please

register and fill all the required fields in this link  so that you will be able to the information meeting.

Applicants may send their questions via e-mail at the latest on the 15 April 2021 11pm (Iraq time), to the address(es) stated below, clearly stating the reference number of the call for projects:

The consultation dossier, questions to Expertise France, and submissions will have to be done online through the following Link


Expertise France is not obliged to provide clarification relating to any questions received after this date.

In order to ensure equality of treatment between applicants, Expertise France cannot issue any prior opinion on the eligibility of lead applicants, partners, projects or specific activities.


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