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Tender Title: Dorcas/Consultant for MHPSS learning project
Tender No: PCM-IRQ1198
Location: Duhok
Tender Package Available from: 2021-11-17
Deadline for Offer Submission: 2021-12-07 at noon (Iraqi Time)


Terms of Reference

This Terms of Reference (ToR) describes the assignment given to the MHPSS consultant in Dorcas projects locations.


Name of assigned expert


Name(s) & job title(s) of client/mandatory

Dorcas Aid International – Iraq

Date of signing




Assignment Type


Assignment Name

MHPSS needs assessment and capacity building

Duration and number of assignment days (only CO/field level)

 30 Days




City/Town/Area: Duhok

Release rights on footage (photo/video) and written content

☐ Yes

Not applicable



Cost of assignment


Budget number(s) covering assignment costs

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What is the context and rationale of the assignment?

One of Dorcas Iraq's missions to establish psychosocial support and Mental Health for Iraqi IDPs, returnees and host communities. These communities are feeling a lot of pressure caused by displacement and emotional distress which results to trauma and chronic stress and have resorted to negative coping mechanisms to make a living under such challenging circumstances. To be able to always give the psychological follow-up to beneficiaries, Dorcas Iraq wishes to hire a consultant to conduct a need assessment in the MHPSS-field to start building a Mental Health unit.  


What are the objectives of the assignment?

The main objective of this consultancy is to:


-        To conduct a need assessment for Dorcas Iraq in the MHPSS field to start building a Mental Health unit.

-        To identify the MHPSS needs in Iraq to assist response.

-        To identify gaps in MHPSS services and referral pathways for Dorcas Iraq.


The data collection strategy should include the use of several tools to attain the assessment objectives, including Desk review of background documents, field visits to the different community centres, focus group discussions, key informant interviews.


What are the key deliverables, including reports, presentations, communication materials, etc.?

☒ conduct an assessment for project locations

☒ Report about the findings

Develop a work plan to conclude with solutions


A report with recommendations for future structure and programming


-       Executive Summary in bullets (max. 2 pages)

-       Introduction

-       Methodology, including sampling and limitations

-       Analysis and findings of the assessment

-       Conclusions for all the assessment questions

-       Recommendations: structure including capacity building of staff and training titles, future programming.

-       Annexes if any

Information and Application

To apply for this position please send a CV and a Cover Letter detailing your relevant experience to meet the criteria of this position to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the subject in the email: MHPSS consultant.

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